Embedded Technologies

Whatever embedded solutions / iOT solutions you are looking for.. we can make it happen for you

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Disruptive Tech

Disruptive Tech is one of our niche, we make cutting edge future technology available today by creating them from scratch by innovative engineering of solutions

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Custom Solutions

We take pleasure in creating solutions that enable companies to fulfil their needs and requirements may it be iOT, embedded or...

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What is CosmicHQ

Cosmic HQ currently offers a variety of products and services designed specifically for your needs through other companies we collectively own and have strategic partnerships with. This allows for us to provide you innovative software and hardware that can only be described as being “The Future.”

COSMIC HQ Mission Statement:

To provide solutions for the worldwide markets to enable access to the cutting edge technology and innovative solutions that will move them to a new world of e commerce, business intelligence, business automation and analytics. As well as opening the doors to digital economies and payment mechanisms that are without borders or limitations, to enable these markets to tap into their customer base without borders and limitation of the commerce that exists today!



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